ATI Radeon HD 4850 or nVidia GeForce GTX260

What's better..
ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB or nVidia GeForce GTX260 1792MB GDDR3?

I'm building a new gaming desktop for under $1400. I'm not a hardcore gamer, I just want to be able to run anything with decent settings. Responses are appreciated.
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  1. GTX 260 performs better than HD 4850.
    GTX 260 is comparable with HD 4870
  2. if not hardcore gamer,then go for hd 4850..its even good for hardcore gaming.go for gtx 260 if price is not an issue and if you want some more fps.
  3. the GTX 260 is currently over priced, if you want similar performance look into an ATI 5770

    the 4850 is no slouch and will give you good performance at 1600 x 900 resolution
  4. GTX 260 is better, but just get the HD 4850 if you're just wanting to run most games at decent settings. HD 4850 is approximately half the price of a GTX 260 on Newegg, just so you know.
  5. Those two aren't really comparable in my opinion just because of the difference in price range... anyway if your spending 1400 dollars you should probably get a better card then either of those (Unless your buying an expensive intel processor) something like a 5770, 5830, 5850 or a nvidia gtx 275

    and BTW were are you seeing a Gtx 260 1792 MB i only know of GTX's going to 896 MB
  6. Get 2 4850s/GTS 250s.

    The debate should be 2 4850s or a GTX 260?

    The GTX 260 is like an expensive 5770 with no DX 11, More heat and power.

    You make the choice.
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