5770 higher 3dmark06 score than 4890?


I am just curious why my Gf's 5770 scored higher than my 4890 in 3dmark06 basic edition. We have the very same setup:

phenom II x4 940 3.0 Ghz AM2+
asus m3a78-cm
corsair tx 750w
ocz gold ddr2 pc8500 4gb
coolermaster mid tower elite 335
western digital 500 gb 16mb buffer x2
windows xp pro 32-bit

the only difference is our video cards:

sapphire 4890 1gb - new edition
sapphire 5770 1gb - juniper xt



Looking forward to reading your replies!
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  1. What do you mean by higher ? what were the scores and did you run it more than once ? Differant drivers and just being able to do a certain test better due to more advanced SP's in the newer card would make enough differance to sway the scores a couple of hundred either way.
    Heck if i run my card twice its a bit out each time. Things running in the background could even cause it.
    In short unless its a big differance say 500 or more i would say there is no meaningful differance.
    Exactly technically why its scored higher, I dont know if you really want to know you would need to get the full test and compare where the cards score differantly in each test.

  2. Both pc's have the most recent catalyst drivers and nothing was running on the background when the tests were done. Here are the scores if you haven't seen the picture links

    5770 - 13416
    4890 - 13189
  3. Well as i said that amount of difference doesn't amount to much but it would seem by looking at the links that its the SM2 score where the difference is. I would put that down to more efficient throughput through the architecture, it simply handles SM2 better than the 4890.
    I'm not saying that's 100% definitely why but that's the way it reads to me.

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