Could the storage device have a huge effect on the game 'Rage'?

It would be interesting to see if the storage device makes a difference in loading textures. For example testing the difference in the game 'Rage' comparing different storage devices like trying it on a 5400rpm hard drive, 7200rpm drive and a SSD device.

I bet an ssd with such lower latency would see less gfx issues with regards to the megatexture technology.
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  1. i don't think there will be much difference in video playback and gaming with a faster harddrive.
  2. My experience running RAGE (I have it installed on a Crucial M4, which is also my system drive) is that the texture popping still occurred, despite the fact that the SSD is very fast. I only was able to reduce the popping by making tweaks to the .cfg file and in Nvidia control panel. I don't think it has much to do with drive speed.
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