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Which of these three power supplies are the best?

my ranking for them would be the top one is the best, the bottom one is the worst. for what i need. but i want other people's opinion. here's the rest of the computer that it'll be going with:






please don't try to convince me to change any of the other parts. i've done my research, got the ok's, and everything else and i don't want any other ideas.

but could you maybe rate, tell me how good it is? lol

and help me pick a power suplly, of these three only, please don't give me any other ideas
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    Not the Rosewill. I would favour the Antec.
  2. Of the three ANTEC wins

    For the Record
    How do you find 9500 GT better than 4650 HD
  3. Get the Antec
  4. Probably the Antec. However, there is something you should know. The power supplies you listed are low budget units that may or may not perform well.

    I have a question for you. Is it a matter of price or limited selection where you live?
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