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Well, this is my first time building a PC and I could use help with choosing the right parts. I'm in need of a computer capable of running the newest games on 1600x900 resolution and maximum graphics settings. I've looked around for a nice build and this is what I've found:

Motherboard- M4A79T Deluxe

Processor- AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition

Memory- Kingston 2x2GB DDR3 1333MHz

Graphics Card- Geforce GTX 260

HHD- Western Digital 250GB

PSU- Corsair TX650 Watts

Case- Antec Three Hundred

Optical DIsk Drive- DVD LG SATA 22x

I'm planning on overclocking, so I'll need aftermarket fans.
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  1. i would suggest getting the ATI Radeon HD 5770 instead of the GTX260 in case you decid to crossfire down the raod
    XFX HD-577A-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770

    for aftermarket cooler
    Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120 mm Core-Contact Freezer
  2. I agree with Mindless, I've been impressed with my XFX Radeon 5770. And they're ready for DX11 to boot. Just be prepared for that ever so slight risk, that one of the Radeon's may come DOA. Based on what I've read though, its like less than a 5% risk.
  3. If you live near a microcenter you can pick up a i5 750 for $150 which will overclock very nicely, not to mention its better clock for clock.
  4. I have the M4A79T and while it is an extremely nice board, you wont use anywhere near all the features, and with the 5850 showing less than a 5% hit from 8x/8x CF its not really worth paying the extra over a 790X board. If you are buying off of newegg you can get the 790X combo'd with the 955 and save 20.

    Also do not get an nVidia card with a crossfire capable board, that is just a bad decision. If you are going to get an nVidia card get a 770 or 785G chipset, otherwise you are paying extra for extra PCI-E lanes you cant use.
  5. Thanks for the help :D. I'll probably wait a few months, hope the prices drop and crossfire the Radeon HD 5770.
  6. Might as well get the MSI 790FX-GD70 motherboard, it's a bit cheaper.
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