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i'm trying to plug my xbox 360 dvd drive into the main port of my dell inspiron 531. but whenever i plug the hard drive into the second sata, it will not pickup the harddrive and boot into vista. the 360 dvd drive needs to be in the first sata slot. any advice?
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  1. Have you went into your BIOS and adjusted your boot order to make sure it is booting from the HDD after the change??
  2. like the boot order? im not sure if i have. i set the boot order for the hd 1st if thats what your asking
  3. Yes, I was asking if you have it setup to boot from the hard drive.

    I'm not familar with using the XBox 360 DVD drive in a PC, but why does it have to be in the first slot??
  4. i don't know why exactly, but the tutorial im using for it stresses it be in the first slot. i don't want to mess up the hard drive accidently
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  6. Can link the tutorial so I can review to see if I can review and get an understanding.
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  8. "ONLY UNPLUG THE 360 DVD Drive if Windows locks up while booting with it plugged in! "

    I read this statement in the tutorial. I would recommend trying to unplug the 360 DVD Drive from the primary port and see what happens.
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