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Hard disk with bad sector repaired can last how long?

Recently my computer become very slow and I did a chkdsk and it repaired the hard disk. It found some bad sectors and repaired it. Now the pc is ok.

After a hard disk with bad sector has been repaired, is it going to spoil soon?

What is the lifespan left?
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    No way of knowing.

    Two possibilities: an OS rewrite corrected the problem. This could include corrupted sectors that were rewritten, bad FAT, or recovered orphan clusters.

    Or the OS locked out physically damaged sectors.

    The error messages would tell you what the problem was.

    What to do? You could monitor the drive, then if the problem happened again, replace the drive. If there were a lot of bad sectors, I would replace the drive, then discard the old one.
  2. How much bad sectors is considered too much?

    My chkdsk report says:

    Adding 659 bad clusters to the Bad Clusters File.
    2636 KB in bad sectors.
  3. Well, a Sector is 512 bytes (on older drives), so each GB of capacity uses 2048 Sectors. If you have a 100 GB HDD, it has 2,048,000 (approximately) sectors in use, and 2636 bad - that's about 0.13%. If your HDD is 500 GB, you have about 0.05% bad sectors. Does not sound bad to me.

    If you want to be sure, go to the website of the manufacturer of your HDD and download their disk diasgnotic utility package. For example, Seagate's is SeaTools, WD's is Data Lifeguard. Use their first tools to do two things:
    1. Check what it gets from SMART alarm reports from the HDD.
    2. Run the Long Test of the HDD. It does NOT damage the data it contains, but it will take a long time to test every sector. This is a different test from what Windows does in CHKDSK.
  4. The best thing wich you could do is download a monitoring tool for hdd's like paperdoc said.
    I strongly recomend you Hard Disk Sentinel. Download the Trial and test it, it's a great prog.
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