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hi im new to the forums i just have one quick question

im thinking of buying a Dell XPS should i get the 540m or pay extra for the 550m. I heard that they are the same chip just ones running a higher clock speed.

So I just wondered if GPU temp wasnt a problem can i not just overclock the 540m to the 550m clock speeds and if so does that give the 540m the same performance as the 550m or is there other factors that stops it from being as powerful

thanks in advance ben
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  1. Hi.
    You don't overclock laptops. There is limited space so it's not like you can add on a custom cooler. Plus, I doubt you would even be given the option.

    Just buy the best graphics chip that suits your budget.

    My advice would be to wait and get a laptop with:
    - Optimus, and
    - 600M Kepler GPU

    The new 600M series (if Kepler. some will be rebranded 500M's) runs much cooler. Optimus is for turning off the gaming chip to reduce noise and heat when not needed.

    *I also don't know your budget, nor what you are doing with this laptop. I can assume this is about gaming?

    Anyway, there may be better values in the AMD camp but again it depends on budget and usage.
  2. ^+1, waiting for the gtx660m!!!
  3. I thought both the 540m and 550m had optimus (were it flips to onboard Intel graphics to save power) any way my question was less about how possible it was and more to do with does it give the same performance clocking the 540m to 550m specs
  4. Well that depends, I doubt you will be able to because mobile gpu's run hot! :ouch: But you might be able to hit those clocks, possibly stable. Remember, there are a lot of factors when it comes to overclocking.
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