MSI 9600GT OC 512MB for CoD Modern Warfare 2


I got a PC with AMD Athlon Dual Core 6000+ with MSI 9600GT OC 512MB, 4GB ram.

Just wondering if CoD Modern Warfare 2 playing experience with this class of 3d card. Would it be good at 1680x1440?

i'm tight on budget but still like a good experience when i play CoD MW2. thinking of sav'g for 1-2mth for a new gfx card, but itch'g 2 play.

haven't played a game in 1-2 years.

thx in advance.
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  1. got the game running. for the record it's only good at 1024x768 with antialiasing x2.

    bummer. getting a new 3d card.
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    i got the game running on 1280x1024 and graphics maxed and its runing perfect guys :bounce:
  3. someone just digging an old thread. btw what card are you using? my 9600GSO can max out the game but i play at 1024x768 :kaola:

    so at lower resolution 9600GT still enough to play the game.
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  5. i don't know why some people tell and think that 9600 gt it's not a good card
    i have an old pentium D 3.0 ghz overclocked at 3.6 3gb ram and 32 inch lcd sony bravia and a can play modern warfare at 1920x1280 resolution all setting at max and i get it very smooth. fps are between 30 and 45.
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