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So i googled about how to use 2 power supplies on one pc but I still have a question.

Can I use one power supply to power just my GPU's*in sli* and a separate one to run the rest of the system without having to sync up the power on, and what order would i need to turn them on?

The reason i ask this is because im trying to overclock my Core i7 940 and it does not seem to be stable at any overclock, the motherboard and cpu have been replace once for this reason before and the only thing left that would be causing me not to beable to overclock is my PSU. I figure offloading the one psu (Zalman 1000w) will make it more stable.

Core i7 940
EVGA x58 Mobo
12gb DDR3 OCZ
Zalman 1000w
1 x 300gb Velociraptor
2 x 1tb raid 0
1 x 2tb
1 x 300gb
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  1. Yes you can do that
    But you would need a special case, like, Cooler Master HAF 932, which supports 2 PSUs
  2. Yes you could but I must inform you that your 1,000 watt power supply is overkill for overclocking a system with two video cards. Those 1,000 watt and higher power supplies were designed for use with overclocked systems with three or four video cards. The power supply is not the cause of your overclocking problem.

    I checked half a dozen technical references. The Zalman 1000 watt psu is a very good power supply.

    Your Intel Core i7 940 system should be very stable at 3.6 Ghz which is the sweet spot for overclocking. If your settings are correct it should also be very stable at 4.0 Ghz. What method are you using to overclock? Are you using a utility or are you overclocking manually?
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