SATA Hard disk fails during boot

One of my hard disk's recently didn't not allow me to boot. I have 3 hard disks on my system. The first disk on which I have installed the OS and the second disk which I added later are fine. I added this third disk recently and copied some data to it. It had suddenly failed. Any suggestions why this could be. !!
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  1. All devices will fail over time; some sooner, some later.

    It could be the HDD or it could be the SATA cable connecting the HDD to the motherboard. Try a different cable,

    Install and run "HDTune" and check the results.
  2. 1. Check any BIOS settings related to SATA and boot priorities. (be sure to check all cable are correctly in place/properly seated)

    2. Disable any unessential drives and listen for any weird sounds from the drive (clicking/buzzing).

    3. How old is the drive? mechanical drives don't last forever unfortunately, they do slowly degenerate.
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