XFX 6850 Double D water block question

Does the Double D card follow the reference layout? I have searched and searched, but can't find any official info on the layout of the double D card. I'm 90% certain that the only difference between the double D and the single fan card is the heatsink, but I can't be certain.

My card:

The GPU water block I'm wanting to buy:

Is there a way I can tell if the water block will fit my card?
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  1. If you google your card and find reviews from hardwaresecrets or similar sites, you should be able to ascertain if ts reference or not, I'd look for you but I can't tab browse on my phone sorry
  2. Hey Moto! Thanks for the fast reply.

    Googling the card doesn't get me any results. I found a review on hardwaresecrets that says the 6850 is a reference card, but doesn't mention the Double D model at all.

    Said review is here:
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    I'd try mailing Xfx for clarification then, I can't seem to find anything either sorry :(
  4. Ah, that's what I'll have to do.
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  6. Thank you for B.a. man, sorry I couldn't be more helpful and good luck with the search,
    if you can't find a F/c block that fits, you can always go universal block and heatsinks on the memory,
  7. I emailed xfx. Hopefully I can get a response soon. Comparing images, it looks like it will fit. We'll see!
  8. Did you happen to get any reply from XFX? Im trying to set up a water cooling loop and am wondering the same thing!
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