Ramping up and upgrading Alienware m11x advice?

Is it possible to have a 32 gb memory and an intel i7 extreme processor installed in an Alienware m11x?
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  1. The m11x maxes out at 16Gb (2x8) of memory. Also, I believe the CPU is soldered on to the m11x and is not upgradeable.
  2. But could I buy it with 4 gig of ram and then get technician to install 16 gig (2x8), in it? And also, does it have to be 2 8s?
  3. The system board only has 2 slots for memory. Thus, you would need a 2x8 kit. If it comes with 4Gb it is probably a 2x2 config. So you would need to replace those sticks with the 8Gb ones.

    Does that help?
  4. Yes thank you
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