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I have a CoolerMaster HAF932 Case, and I have an (esoteric) problem that I want to fix, but wanted some commentary on first.

Usually the case is designed such that fans installed on the top panel (I have 3x120 there) pull air out of the case, less dense hot air rises and such.

The other fans then, including the rear fan and the side panel fans (I have 4x120 there to cool my RAID controllers) are intake fans.

I want to invert these fans. (the machine needs to sit underneath a desk... and put simply the fans blowing out the top are extremely annoying blowing on me all the time).

I want to pull air in through the top of the case, and push it out the back and side. The CPU and motherboard are liquid cooled.

Would this create heat problems around the PCI cards? Right now the fans blow right onto the extremely hot RAID controller cards, but if I flip them, they won't get direct air blown on them, but rather will have air exhausted right near them.
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  1. You already know the air flow theory. Start some experimentation along with recording temps, then decide on the ideal configuration in your instance.
  2. I'd leave the fan configuration as is. As you said, heat rises. There's no way to change that - you can change where your case exhausts its air, but you're going to run into problems when the hot air rises up towards the top of the case and is blown back onto your components by your top intake fans.

    If you absolutely cannot stand the hot air being exhausted through the top, try redirecting the airflow using some tape and a standard piece of paper or cardboard - you could vent the air away from yourself with little difficulty.

    Hope I helped!
  3. I had never considered that, as incredibly obvious as that is - I was so interested in figuring out the flow dynamics of the case! I think I might just mount some kind of splash board to block the air.

    Many thanks!
  4. Also make sure all the cables in your case are not interfering with the air flow. If you haven't already use some tiewraps or velcro straps to 'buch' up your cables and strap them to the side of your case. Good airflow is just as imporant as good fans!
  5. I like the idea of what you called a splashboard,
    basically a shroud to cover the top vents and direct the flow to the rear of the case, it'll have to be a custom made item though, I'll keep an eye out for things to adapt that may be useful :)
    **Edit, something like this could be cut up to match the width/length of the case (minus the frontpanel part ofc)
    and weld the joints using a soldering iron to make it a one-piece unit that sits on top of the case pushing the air back
    find a suitable item ofc, I just found that randomly googling sledges, they have the curve required and plastics easy to weld up/file to fit :P
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