Help cpu-z wrong or pc is messed up?

hi i just downloaded cpu-z as i was told this is a must have program before you start oc'ing so you know figures and values....

but cpuz says my cpu is at 2000 with 6x multiplier
this cannot be right i have a q9550 at 2.8ghz with 8.5x multiplier?

also on the gfx card it says memory size 1gb this is not right the 4870x2 is 2gb?
it shows memory of the gfx at 500mhz when this is supose to be 900mhz and it says core clock is 507mhz this is not right either?

i have always had lag and stuutering in games could this be the reason?

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  1. That is just your CPU going into a low power state.
    It is 100% normal.
    When you put a load on it the speed will increase to normal.

    Use GPUz to check the info on your GPU.
    Sounds normal here also.
    It is underclocking it self when not under a load and there is only 1GB RAM available to the system (doubled frame buffer, 1GB for each GPU).
  2. 1. Stepspeed causes your CPU to run at a lower speed when it's not being used in order to save energy. When you need the speed, it will automatically go to full speed.

    2. 4870x2 has 1GB per card. So it's still basically 1GB. The 4870 also lowers its base clock speed in order to save'll speed up when you run intensive applications.
  3. right ok so everything is normal?
    can you turn off speed step does it help?
    should it being showing 1gb instead of 2gb for gfx?

  4. Yes, everything is normal.
    Leave speed step on, it will save you some energy.
    Performance is the same with it on or off....

    No, it lists as 1GB for a 4870x2.
    The frame buffer is doubled (one buffer for each GPU) so windows only sees half of what is installed.
  5. how many times do we hear this qestion... blaarrggg
  6. apache_lives said:
    how many times do we hear this qestion... blaarrggg

    Speedstep and others like it FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. thanks for that image outlw6669 on yours it so on your it shows 500 and 507 is that just like in idle mode and in gaming it will go up? is there any way you can make it stay up all the time and can you oc this ?
  8. ^You can google whats called setting up a profile. In gaming it will go to the max speed, just like your CPU will when needed. but you can use some programs to setup a profile to have it constantly maaxed out although I wouldn't suggest it because it will make it hotter and the fan will run higher constantly.

    It wont actually hurt any performance to leave it as is.
  9. right ok so when i am gaming it maxes itself? as i dont see this due to lag in games like farcry?
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