Problem with adding ram.. any ideas?

Ello guys, i got a bit of an issue.. i have a motherboard that can support up to 8GB ram and i currently have 4GB in.. Now heres the problem.. i can only manage to get 4GB maximum in because i can either use 4 x single sided or 2 x double sided.. u cant get single sided 2 GB sticks to my knowlage so any ideas how to get around this rather silly problem?
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  1. Which motherboard do you have..??
  2. Does your motherboard only have 2 slots? And you already have 2 2GB modules? Your post was quite unclear.

    You can get 4GB modules but they are very expensive.

    I am wondering why you are upgrading your RAM from 4GB, for most users 4GB is all that is required. What are you doing with your computer to warrent this upgrade? Or are you just looking to upgrade something, if so this is not the thing to upgrade.
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