Damn.... 4 way SLI????

Has any one seen this? http://www.evga.com/blackfriday/

So that means one could have 8 GPUs working. I'd ove to see what 4x GTX285s can do.
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  1. two 1000w psu's anyone?
  2. :eek2:

    That's so much better than 2 GTX 295
  3. Wow, i wonder what the scaling would be like on a system like that
  4. 12 6-pins? DAMN.

    12x75..900W, then 75 for the PCI-E, that's 1800W just for graphics. 180A on the 12v?
  5. Yup. You need a mini reactor to power it.
  6. umm... We aren't happy with 3 gtx285s? lol. 5870x4 ftw ;D
  7. I am not too sure about the new cards, but the 8800 series cards did not scale well at all beyond 2 GPU's. A third did show improvement, but it was only like 15-20% in the games that got the most benefit from SLI, and 4 GPU's dropped to like less than 5% (over 3 GPU's). I am sure the scaling is better with the new cards, and I guess an i7 clocked at around 4 ghz won't hurt either, but 8 GPUs seems completely senseless to me.
  8. lol youd need two of these :)

    accually looking at neweggs 1000w+ psu's, they all have atleast 6 6pin and/or some combination of 6+2pins.
  9. ..... hmmmm.... 4x5970's........... hmmmmmmm
  10. ^Agreed. I really want to see some benches for this thing esp. at and above 1900*1200 with max detail for games like Crysis,ARMA 2,etc. Any one got any bench results?
  11. apache_lives said:
    ..... hmmmm.... 4x5970's........... hmmmmmmm

    There aren't any drivers supporting more than 4 GPUs at this point, so you couldn't do more than 2 5970s or GTX 295s. You can run 4 5870s or GTX 285s though.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SShU1EkCRhs

    You won't be the only one doing upgrades when you build that new rig.
  13. 3 way SLi is okay at best. Scaling most of the time is horrid; I doubt 4 way does much better, also, good luck powering it... Jeeze. One 5970 would probably outperform it.

    Guru3D: GeForce GTX 285 review | 3-way SLI
  14. Shadow703793 said:
    Has any one seen this? http://www.evga.com/blackfriday/

    So that means one could have 8 GPUs working. I'd ove to see what 4x GTX285s can do.

    My guess is they'd lose to 3x 5870's, if not just two.
  15. i'd say 4 way gtx 285 would preform close to or the same as 3 way 5870. And since they are charging $1600 for that and the 4 way board and 3 5870s would cost towards $1200, I guess the price/performance is about the same.... but then you have to have 2 massive power supplies just to run that so the 5870 3 way is the winner here.
  16. apache_lives said:
    ..... hmmmm.... 4x5970's........... hmmmmmmm

    Lol can standard residential electricity even power that? I know when I hook up a electric heater or something that draws a lot of current, my lights get dimmer and stuff, in a room with say, a tv and stereo on, I wonder if a house could take that for just a single room.
  17. The 5970 draws 300W, so 120A (1.2kw) on the 12v. Still doable with a PSU @ 4x 40a 12v's.
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