Overclocking North Bridge/RAM

Let me preface as usual by thanking all in advance for their input, this site and community are unmatched for sincere knowledgeable input.

On to my question.

I have an AMD 965 BE that I overclocked to 3.7 ghz (Using multiplier method), I've settled at 3.7 because 3.8 was stable but too hot under load with my stock cooler (Water cooler already ordered). Obviously when my new cooler gets here I am hell bent on 4 ghz, but I keep feeling like I am getting a bottleneck somewhere else. When I am playing resource intensive games (Skyrim, Total War: Empire), when I turn graphics up all the way my frame rate suffers but I don't think my processor is maxed (Though my temps of course rise). Should I consider overclocking RAM or the Northbridge? Also to be perfectly honest I'm not 100% on the benefits of either, so input is greatly appreciated. Specs are below, thanks!

CPU: 965 BE overclocked to 3.7 gz
Mobo: Asrock 870 extreme3
RAM: 8 GB Gskill ripjaw 1600 DDR3
GPU: Sapphire HD Radeon 5770
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  1. I think your graphics card is holding you back. the 5770 is probably what is holding you back at this point. You need to upgrade to something better if you want to play on MAX settings.

    Increase your RAM clocks will probably yield very little gaming performance increase.
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