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I've been purchasing parts for my buildup from newegg as they come on sale. This computer will be for general surfing the net, watching movies and playing games.

So far I have the following:


Antec 300 case

Earthwatts 650

Seagate 500gig drive

Windows 7 Home premium 64bit

Generic DVD burner (haven't bought yet but not really important).

So the following are left. Given what I already have, what ram, mobo, cpu and gpu should I buy? I want to stay intel and the mobo needs to be compatible with the Zalman cooler (couldn't pass it up at $16 but their website has nothing new on the compatibility list).

Budget for the remaining parts is $350-$425. I want to stay with a single gpu card. Mostly going to be running games at 1680 resolution. Planning to overclock a dual core in the 3.5 - 4.0 range on air.

My brother has a Q6600 at 3.2ghz on a GA-EP43 board and a 4870 that seems to run very well. I want to be at least as fast for gaming.
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  1. Well our very own forums conducted extensive CPU reserach, analysis and benches and one does not need a quad even for gaming - and a juicy GPU would serve you best hehe So if u open to non Intel options

    And suggested hardware:

    Where i'm at i build with budget/tasks strictly in mind and some of my clents are on P2X3s and HD 5850/5870 and these rigs scream in games i tells ya :P
  2. I know that the Phenom's are great but I'm very new to computers and have to rely on my brother for help. He knows how to do Intel stuff but not AMD stuff. Can you point me to some place that can give me basic AMD help?

    Also still very open to any Intel ideas.
  3. I DIY with both and the only difference is HSF installation and AMD is actually simpler :P
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