GTX 680 blocks.. Excited?

Hey guys,

I've been shopping around for water block for the new GTX 680.. reference model.. anyone have a favorite block?

So far I have seen that Aquacomputer, EK, and Koolance have one out, plus the Hydro Copper version of the card (not sure who manufactures that block)..

Not LOVING the look of any of the water blocks out there for it yet.. anyone have any inside scoop as to other releases in the near future?

Was hoping DD would have something out by now, I love their look, no joy on the website as of this morning though..

Let me know.. what you know.. so I can know..
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    have you seen this on, if this one fits properly,

    this is a solid design.
  2. Yeah, thats my buy if I had to get one today. I like it enough, the standard AC design. I hear very good things about them but never had one personally. My newest build is kind of a neutral, non-flashy look, might fit perfectly really..
  3. the blocks from EVGA of their Hydrocopper series is manufactured by Swiftech. There was a thread a few weeks old, where op dug up a list of all FC waterblocks, where the Hydro was the least performing of the lot...temp and restriction wise, as well as cost effectiveness.

    you could still shoot for a komodo fc from swiftech if you're growing tired of waiting out on EVGA
  4. Definitely going aftermarket block, I have read similar things about the Swiftech blocks.. no experience with them though I'm sure they are alright.. might pull the trigger on the Aquagrafix 680
  5. One thing to consider is how often you upgrade. If you upgrade very frequently, it might be in your best interest to go with universal blocks, and maybe a uni-sink (see Swiftech's stuff) for the VRAM.

    I switched from full cover to uni blocks and haven't noticed a difference in performance, and I like the ability to upgrade without as much hassle (few people on the forums buy cards + waterblocks)
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