ATI TV Tuner & ATI HD 3650

I have an old AGP ATI Rage Theater Tv card, and I figured I might as well hook this up to my CRT TV.

I also have an ATI 3650 HD video card. I plan on using this for dual monitors at some point.

The problem is that right now I can't seem to get the TV card to work. When I boot my computer, the screen is blank until I log into windows, then I can see a secondary monitor display on my LCD monitor.

I have installed the drivers for both cards. I am using a standard TV cable (the one with the pin in the center that screws on) to connect the card to the TV.

Do I have to setup my TV for the card some how?

Also, my main card seems to be using old drivers. The picture isn't crisp like when I first installed the drivers from the CD for the HD 3650. I tried installing the newest drivers and it didn't fix the problem.
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  1. You're going to need to purchase an external USB based video capture device as the two video cards are in conflict. That TV cable connector is an F-Connector.
  2. I'm not trying to record video, I'm trying to use my TV as a second monitor.

    I am pretty sure this can be set up. I have read about people using an AGP and PCI-E card at the same time.
  3. ATI Rage - wayyyyyy old, and you need a board with PCIE and AGP - there were a few but all rubbish

    any modern card can do dual out through any two ports available on the card - just find one with TV-out

    as for your image quality not being the same - its either bad cable, card or monitor, no drivers will do that unless you have messed with the software etc
  4. I fixed the image quality by using the CD utility to uninstall the driver then reinstall using the latest from the website.

    I know it's an old card. I have a fairly old system (about 5 years) and my mobo has AGP and PCI-E.

    I checked my new card's (HD 3650) specs and it has TV out. Is it possible to connect this card to a CRT TV and will it be able to handle triple display (LCD D-SUB 1280x1024 monitor, 23-24" LCD DVI 1080p, and CRT tv)?
  5. This thread can be closed. The old ATI card runs too hot and I'd prefer to just go with dual monitors.
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