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This is really not that important to me for a while but

I just got a new computer with a GTX 260 in it my plan was to upgrade to a better card in say 1-2 years I was thinking of waiting till like they have a GTX 400 or somthing

But anyway my question is there any reason why I could not use the GTX 260 as just a PhysX card I have seen them do that with like a 9600 GT or a 9800GT or even GTS 250 but i have never seen anything as high end as a GTX 260 used for PhysX alone I really don't see any reason why it would not work
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  1. Im not sure i understand the question:

    I know that any recent card has physX integrated in card now so you don't need add-in cards.

    And any card can handle it no problem, it's really the GPU for better graphic rendering that's an issue.

    Anyway, there's not that many games that uses physX.

    Anyone has more info on that ?
  2. on a review somewhere they used like 3 or 4 cards like a 9800GT GTS250 GTX 260 and fixed them all up with another card to do the PhysX ya they could do it but from what the review showed by having a lesser card in this case they used 9500GT and 9600GT it made it much faster then just having the 1 card like a 20% improvment on some of them

    but i have never see anyone try to use somthing higher then a GTS 250 just for PhysX which is what i am thinking of doing with my GTX 260 so the question was could you do that

    really it does not mater all that much i mean by the time i buy a new card in a year or 2 i will get one 3x or more powerfull then the card i am useing now and for all i know by then PhysX may not even be somthing thats being used anymore.
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    Unless Nvidia changes something between now and then, I think that GTX 260 will make an excellent PhysX card. You should be able to offload physics processing to any of these GPUs ...
  4. Over at Firing Squad they used an 8800 as the PhysX card and at THG a yes, your 260 would rock.,2465-11.html
  5. solved already but i can't help bring this lul up
    Seems like such a waste but i guess it might save power to shove 2 different cpus and memory just to serve one gpu as phsyx.
  6. I would think that a GTX 260 would make an excellent dedicated Physics card, both of the games that support Physics will run beautifully. :)
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