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Hi all! I'm planning on doing some computer upgrades soon. My problem is I'm not sure what to do about a graphics card. I currently have an EVGA 9800GT, I'm not sure if I want to get a second and run SLI which would cost around $100. If I were to do that I would have to get a new power supply, and that would be about another $100-$120 range. Or should I just get a newer card? I haven't followed any of the new releases so I'm not sure of what is out there. I know there are only a few cards that support DX11 and that they are ATI. I've always been more of a fan of Nvidia, but might interested in what ATI has to offer. Does the lack of Physics support on make a huge difference with ATI cards? Finally does anyone have any info or links to what Nvidia plans on releasing for DX11 cards? I'm wondering if they would be worth the wait, it would certainly give me time to save money for more of a high end card. At the moment my budget for a new card is around $300. Thanks in advance for any responses :)
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  1. Ok, so I would not buy a second 9800gt. Not worth the investmnet in older technology +PSU. The best place to start is the "best video cards for the money" article here on toms.
    Physics? well, you could get an ati card and use your 9800gt for physics but I am not certain how much benefit that would be for current games.

    Fermi is the codename for the nvidia next generation and I hear it will be out in spring. Rumors say that those cards will rock but its only speculation at this point.

    The new generation of ati cards is here and they are very good. Check the article and then come back if you have more questions.,2464.html
  2. yea but the bad is that they're completely unavailable.

    at your price point 2 4870s would serve you pretty good if you don't really NEED DX11, but you'll most likely need to change your power supply too.

    i would recommend to wait till december when the 5xxx series availability gets better and get yourself a 5850 for 265$, it penforms better than a gtx285 by quite some frames and it has dx11.
  3. Not only would I need to upgrade my power supply for 2 4870s, I would need to upgrade my motherboard as well. It only supports SLI, not Crossfire unfortunately. The 5850 seems like the best option at the moment. Perhaps when they become more easily available I'll pick one up.
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