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How can i find out whats my public address? Would i need to contact my ISP to find out or can i view it from my PC?
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  1. Yes you can find your self, do this:

    start, run, CMD, ipconfig /all and find "IPv4 Address" or IPv6 Address".

    For example I have IPv4, and my IP public is 190.25.xx.xx, the xx are for my security with a subnet mask 255.255.255.xxx
  2. If you have a router in place, log into the Router and look at the Status tab (Linksys) or another tab that has the configuration on it. Your public IP address will NOT start with 192 or 168.
  3. You can also try websites like this one, but they might not be 100% reliable.

    Why would you want to know your public IP? BTW, for most ISP, this address is not static, it can change over time. If you are trying to connect home from outside, I suggest you check one of those free DNS service provider like DynDNS.
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