Bios says OC failed withouth overclocker after new hardware installed.

Hey so I'm running an ASUS P8H61-M LE and an i3 2100 so obviously im not overclocking. Yesterday I bought and installed an extra DVD drive, an extra 4GB RAM module and another HDD. I'm using a 400w PSU to power my system include the GT520 video card which I removed and reinstalled yesterday too. Now every few times I boot up my computer it doesn't show anything on the monitor although the fans start and the computer is obviously booting up. After I restarted several times I received and error stating that the overclock on my system failed. Why is this? Could it to be do with the extra hardware added stopping it from having enough power? Is it to do with the graphics card? I don't know how to diognose it considering 1 in 4 times in boots fine...

Thanks, I hope this is the correct section.
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  1. Might be the correct section, let's see what we can do for you here.
    Your "overclock failed" message is probably due to POST (Power On Self Test) not completing and if attempted to restart during the POST, it can corrupt the BIOS and then the BIOS then blames you. Actually, that is a good message (for techies) because it means your BIOS has the ability to restore itself to a previous state without battery removal and pin jumping - it might come to that in the long run but we can try less painful methods first. Got a little reading for you here...
    Let us know if that helps or if you have any questions then
  2. Hey Tom,

    I read in another post that one of their RAM modules had gone bad and that was the cause of his error. You may try swapping out the newly installed RAM to another module if you have another one available. I too receive this error and have yet to figure out what is causing it having never overclocked either it is a bit of a mystery.

    Link to other thread:
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