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Hi.I'm a newbie here so my apologies if I'm posting in a wrong category.
This is my rig:
CPU:AMD Phenom II X4 840@3.2ghz stock(Propus core)
MB:AsRock M3A UCC(480x chipset)
RAM:Kingston HyperX blu 9-9-9-24@1600mhz@1.7v 1 stick of 4GB
GPU:VTX3D Radeon HD5750 1GB DDR5
Right now I've been running Prime95 for about half an hour.I'm running the blend test and my temps for all my cores are around 52-54C.My northbridge is running at 1600mhz and i can increase it through the bios up to 2000mhz.As far as I know,overclocking the NB won't hurt my Motherboard as the memory controller is on the CPU die so my question is can I increase the NB if my temps don't get too high and if it's stable after say 3hours of Prime95?My current NB voltage in bios is 1.247v(the lowest possible).
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  1. You still need to monitor the Northbridge temps. Even though the cpu has an onboard memory controller, the northbridge is still the connection point between the cpu,ram, pci-e so overclocking any of those will result in increased load on the northridge chip.
  2. Thanks for the reply.I've been running it for the last 2 days at 2000mhz after testing it with prime95 blend for 2 hours.No problem whatsoever but i can't really monitor my northbridge.Hwmonitor gives me a motherboard temperature of 29-30 C for both nb speeds and so does my BIOS.Anyway my ambient temp is about 20C(can go up to 28 in the summer) and i have a well ventilated case with 2 12cm intake fans on the side(blowing on the cpu,nb and gpu) and 2 exhaust fans on the rear:1 12cm from my PSU and one DIY 8mm from an old broken psu.Is it okay if i put my thumb on the nb heatsink while my pc is running to check if it's hot?or maybe a thermometer? :).
  3. pcprobe will give you a break down of voltages including just the northbridge
  4. I've tried installing pcprobe but it tells me that it only supports ASUS motherboards. :(
  5. Oh sorry. I really didn't know that. Thought it would work on any motherboard.
  6. Still it seems to be running fairly ok.No BSoD's and no lockups.Also,the temps are only 1-2C more under load and I even managed to overclock my gpu a bit more than when I had my NB art 1600mhz which means that it's more stable at 2000mhz.Also here:],under section northbridge it says that i'm running at the right NB frequency to my cpu clock(3200mhz).
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