Using single channel memory instead of dual channel

i have been experiencing many blue screens when i try to play games, and i have noticed something instersting.
my motherboard (p5ql pro) has a dual channel arcitecture, but i have 3 sticks of kingston hyperx 2gb sticks in it (khx8500d2/2g).
i have tried to update video drivers, clean OS installs, and all other driver updates.
could having single channel memory instead of dual channel be causing blue screens?
also, im using Windows 7 home premium x64

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  1. Well, for one I don't know why you would do that, dual channel is a lot faster. You might consider buying 1 more stick of the same RAM, or just removing one. 6gb RAM doesn't really do anything over 4gb either if you're gaming.

    But anyway, I don't think that would cause blue screens. If they are caused by the RAM, then it might have to do with improper timings. You should consider entering your BIOS and trying the XMP profile settings - that is, if it's DDR3 - otherwise do it manually. Could be 1 faulty stick of RAM too. You might want to run Memtest86+, you have to put it on a floppy or CD/DVD and then boot up with it. If there's any RAM issues it should tell you.
  2. just to answer your question it would be easy enough to remove the third stick and test it out.
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