Will Core i7-860 Lynnfield support asus p7p55d-deluxe motherboard, if not please

Dear, I have to purchase core i7 860 2.8 CPU for Asus p7p55D-deluxe board.In this category i found LYNNFIELD,NEHALEM and another one something like bolm.... I am now confused which one should i buy for best performance and should be 100% COMPATIBLE for this board.
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  1. It will be 100% compatible - that's precisely what it's made for.
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    Go to the CPU support tab, the 860 has been supported since the first bios along with the 750, the other ones may require a bios update, but they have been out long enough that the boards are likely shipping with the new bios by now. The i7 860 is the best performing reasonably priced CPU for the LGA 1156 socket, the i7 870 will perform better but it also costs a hell of a lot more.
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