"No IDE drive detected"

When booting my motherboard always comes up with a "No IDE drive detected" message after the mobo logo screen, this then dissapears after a few seconds before flashing the logo up once more and then loading windows from my SATA drive. It's not a major issue but I cant work out how to make it stop doing this to save some time, been through the BIOS and cant find anything that would obviously effect it.

Anyone got any ideas?

This is on a P7P55D-E and a 500gb Barracuda 7200.12 + 500gb 7200.11
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  1. Open the BIOS, look for some variation called "Onchip IDE Device, " and disable "Legacy mode support, " which should disable the BIOS looking for them.
  2. Basically, turn off the IDE ports not being used, then it won't try to search for things that aren't there, much like you turn off the floppy drive seek if you don't have a floppy drive.
  3. There's no option to disable legacy support but I'll try turning off the extra IDE ports.

    Could also try disabling the second HDD controller if that'll make a difference although I'm not sure if my drives are using the J-Micron or Marvell...
    I'm guessing one of them is for 6gb/s but there's no indication which is which.

    Edit: Ignore that last bit, helps if I read the full spec sheet, the Marvell is for 6gb/s drives.
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