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I'm looking into buying an SSD, primarily as an OS drive and to put a couple games on. The max I'd spend would be $100, and preferably from Newegg. What do you guys think the best SSD in my budget range is? Thanks for any input :)!
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  1. Are you looking for a SATA 2 3Gb/s ssd or a SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd?

    Here is the only SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd that is below your maximum of $100.00:

    For SATA 2 3Gb/s I recommend the Samsung 470 ssd. Newegg had it in their email special 48 hour sale for $89.99

    Unfortunately it is sold out! :(
  2. 64GB Crucial M4. Should be less than 100.

    Edit: My bad, I was looking at a different website. The crucial M4 i think was listed as 115.

    Johnny's suggestion is a good one, especially for the price bracket you want.
  3. Crucial M4 64GB - Price: 106.99 + Free Shipping

    There is also a Firmware update for it so you can get a boost in performance.
  4. Sorry about that, I forgot to specify, my board is SATA II. I could spend the extra for the M4 if it is really good, actually. I know SSD's are almost always faster, but I just want to make sure, do you guys think it would be worth upgrading to one?
  5. Depends on what you mean by "worth it". Do you want to have a snappier system? Or do you consider what you have now adequate?

    I use an SSD in my laptop - and it's just great. My boot times were cut in half, and opening programs is nice and quick.

    It doesn't matter that your mobo only supports sata 2, that is still in the 300MB/s range. Which is still huge. So if you did upgrade down the road, you can take advantage of the extra speed in the future (with a new motherboard that supports sata 3).
  6. The Crucial M4 is a very popular drive and relatively trouble free.

    Most of time we see posts claiming that Windows 7 and software applications load faster. That is pretty much a given with any modern ssd. I was never satisfied with that because I wanted to know if there was something else other than load times that would improve. Specifically I wanted to know if there would be any improvement with Adobe Products and photo & video editing. At the time there were no concrete answers. I bought an entry level ssd and found out for myself. Image rendering and video transcoding times were cut in half. On the other hand an ssd will not do anything for surfing the web. I am at the mercy of my ISP. Internet service is inconsistant.
  7. Or one more would be OCZ Vertex 2, got mine for $227.99 ...while ago : )
  8. Yeah, I want to have a quicker system (specifically boot times and load time for games). I'm leaning towards the M4, it sounds like it's a pretty good drive from what I've heard here.
  9. If you would like to read ssd technical reviews go to the SSD Database:

    Scroll to the brand you are interested in and then click on the links to the technical reviews.
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