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i currently now am running prime95 and just started but my temps on the cpu is 54C on 1.425V. My cores are at 44.5C. I am going to run it for 12 hrs and how do i know its stable?
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  1. If its not stable one or more cores will stop working and Prime will show you. Sometimes your computer will freeze but usually the thread worker stops.
  2. BSOD
    thread stopping
    no boot

    are all symptoms of not being stable
  3. so if any of these happen just bump the voltage up right?
  4. You can usually get some idea of where the problem is if P95 crashes.

    The small fft's test is designed to stress the CPU. The large fft's and blend tests extensively read and write to the memory.

    So if, for example, the small fft's test runs but the blend test fails, check your memory settings.

    There has been a lot of discussion here about how long to run Prime95 when stress testing. Most here recommend 6 - 12 hours. A few of us (I am one) who are fanatical about system stability, stress test for 24 hours.
  5. ^ yeah, i thought OP figured that out by now via google
  6. for memory your ram isnt supposed to surpass its settings right?

    like if your ram is 1333mhz you configure to 1333mhz.

    im noob at this.
  7. depends on what rams you have...?
    full system specs please.
  8. mobo: M4A89GTD Pro/USB3
    cpu: AMD PHEMON II X6 1090t stock(3.2) currently (4.0)
    ram: gskill ddr3 1333 mhz
    gpu: gigabyte gtx 46
    psu rosewill 600w
    optical drive: dvd+/- burner
    HDD: seagate 500gb
    case: cooler master 912
    liquid cooler: antec kuhler 920
  9. do your ram have heat spreaders? like the ripjaws or are they generic dimms?
  10. yea ripjaws
  11. are they at 1333 on the sticker or bios, cos i know that the ripjaws are rated at 1600MHz lowest and go above that. can you provide a link?
  12. on bios i made them at 1333 mhz
  13. 9-9-9-24-2N @ 1.5V thas the rated specs

    you need to look for the AMD overclocking guide in the stickies, ontop of this section. I an intel user, but they work pretty much the same...in order to push those dimms past 1333MHz, you'll need to be careful - they might go to 1600 but with relaxed timings i suppose.
  14. im just leaving them on stock cause im not overclocking RAM. im only doing the small FFT test.
  15. Just ran prime95 for 4hours but i dont think it's enough. Within those 4 hours there were no bsod or any thread stopping.
  16. one person mentioned running stress testing programs in safe mode as this will only load up necessary drivers and files instead of the whole enchilada :)

    only upping the vcore isn't the best way, though each chip has its own fingerprint vcore id...
  17. never thought about running in safe mode. will give it a try later on.
  18. ran in safe mode for 7 hours. i think it's "somewhat" stable.
  19. were any threads falling behind?
    refer to the AMD oc'ing guide to help you reach a stable OC and what sort of setting to gun for, then mix+match other settings.

    One thing to remember, work out one thing at a time and be patient. Too hasty into an OC and you could lock the BIOS and possible kill components.
  20. no errors or bsod within the 7 hours of stability testing and within the voltage of about 1.44v .No future plans of overclocking RAM.
  21. wasn't talking about ram, was talking about the chip cos it will obviously have a dif vcore pref than another forum member. tax the new OC with a game and see how it dishes out performance. Many times too often, the stress testing are all green but a game can cause a system to BSOD or reboot.so that'll set you back onto another tweaking/setting route.
  22. well my vcore is at 1.45. I don't play high end games like BF3 or MW either. but i will try it out on one of my games at high settings
  23. What chip do you have? 1.45 is pretty high isn't it.
  24. amd phenom ii x6 1090t
  25. its "safe" voltage is at 1.26 i think to 1.475.
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