Raid 5 marked as failed. I'm at a total loss.

Hey guys

I'm really new to those raid things, trying to do my best to don't *** it up but I did not back-up some of my data and would be piss if I lose it.

I have a raid 0 + a raid 5 in my system :

2x corsair force 3gt 120gb in raid 0 for my Win7. Marvell Controller 91xx
4x western digital caviar black 1tb in raid 5 for my storage solution. Intel Rapid Storage 10.​1.​0.​1008

So my computer freezed yesterday while watching an hd movie. I then rebooted my PC and surprise my raid 5 array has failed.

CTRL+i in post, shows me that 2 of my drives are now as NON-Raid Disks. 2 others are Member Disks things not sure yet though.
Status : Failed

Could not even boot in Win7 for some reason, I had to unplug my 4x 1tb to boot in Win7.

I had this raid running for about 1 or 2 weeks, really odd problem.

I've read a lot of similar problems to mine but I cannot touch exactly what is my problem.
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  1. The problem is on your RAID5, might be the controller or Intel Rapid Storage. It is not a simple fix and could not download a software from internet, then get it fix. If your data is important, I strongly encourage you send all drives to a professional data recovery company before all chances of recovery are lost.
  2. RAID-5 has a fault tolerance of 1 drive, so verify that 2 drives have died before paying money to a recovery company.

    Disconnect all 4 and connect them 1 at a time.
    The drive(s) that have failed you will probably not be able see in Windows Explorer or Disk Management.

    If you have only 1 drive that failed then all you have to do is replace the drive and then rebuild the RAID array.
  3. most likely a driver error. I had some massive and flaky raid 5 issues.. so I migrated to a raid 0+1 solution. Raid 5 had alot of issues with drivers and windows sometimes. In fact one of the intel updates constantly caused my drives to drop out of the array.. its bad when your boot drive raid 0 is dropping drives.... It was an intel ICH9r but I forget what the bad driver version was.

    I then Migrated to a raid 0 solution with a 4TB NAS.. chances of both failing at the same time is very slim.
  4. Thanks for the info everyone

    finally I just deleted the raid volume and had to format my 4x 1tb now everything runs good I guess my drives didnt died they just failed badly. no more Raid 5 now will just run those drives standard way
  5. R-Studio can recover your data so long as you make no changes to the drives upon failure. Take the member disk out of the array, then boot the system and run R-studio you can virtualise the array scan the HDD block and view data contained for recovery. I had the exact same issue after a BIOS upgrade took two drives out of a four drive raid5 array with Rapid storage giving the exact same error and status. That was the only way to save my data.
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