this is my first build and I need advice and help with configuring

This is my first computer build and I was wanting to know how these components will work together primarily the size of the parts.

1. Case

2. Power supply

3. mother board

4. Processor

5. Graphics Card or

6. cpu heat sink

I know these are not all the parts needed but they are the most important, and the ones I'm most concerned about.

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    well its ok cept for a few things the power supply is crap this is better

    you might wanna consider going full am3 with ddr3 ram since the price difference is marginal

    getting an nvidia card with an amd board is pointless and your options are dated look into getting an ati 4850/4870

    get the amd 955 it will clock to 965 speeds easily

    better heatsink
  2. Do you think that 550 watt power supply will have enough oomph to power this computer?
  3. a good quality(corsair.anttec,silverstone,pc power&cooling) 500-550 watt power supply will run any single graphics card pc
  4. If you edit your post to follow the format in the "How to ask for new build advice" sticky at the top of the forum we can help optimize a build for you. Some of your current choices don't make much sense. We can help you get a better build for your money if you will edit your post.
  5. would this be a good hard drive for this system...I don't know if this helps but I'm planning on running windows 7 ultimate 64 on this drive?
  6. The Ultimate versions of Windows are a waste of money for most users. I would save your money and get 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium.

    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 1-Pack for System Builders - OEM $104.99

    The Seagate 7200.11 drives are crap. I wouldn't touch one with a ten foot pole. Here's a much better drive:

    SAMSUNG Spinpoint F3 HD103SJ 1TB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive $84.99

    You still haven't edited your post with the information we asked so we can help you with your build.
  7. the mother board suggested above doesn't have floppy drive port on it. Is there an adapter so I can use a floppy drive with this mother board. (I love the Classic games that are only on floppy's)
  8. Tech specs say it has a floppy adapter. Most motherboards do for loading raid drivers. Looks like the green connector up near the RAM.
  9. I was referring to the asus suggested by obsidian86
  10. This gigabyte has a floppy and can crossfire like the asus board. If you dont want more than one graphics card ever there are cheaper microATX size boards.
  11. I had actually all ready ordered the asus
  12. I have heard of people putting "Control Panels" in the front of there case that monitors fans and temperatures is there a good one that anyone knows of that also has usb or firewire ports on it?
  13. I forgot to mention that all my fans are 4 pin
  14. Is there a reason you need USB/Firewire ports on the fan controller? There are a lot of controllers out there, but very few of them have USB/Firewire ports. Your case will have USB ports. Some cases also have Firewire ports.
  15. no I just thought it would be convenient to have another usb in the front.
  16. This is a very nice one with 2 usb audio and esata but not firewire

    Edit: forgot the link :??:
  17. I'm sorry if it seem like I'm asking a lot of silly questions but this is my first build,

    the asus board above can I use 2 or 4 internal usb
  18. It has two plugs. Each plug can be connected to a split cable that conntect to 2 USB ports. No idea if the MB comes with the split cables or not.
  19. ware can I buy one of these "split cables"?
  20. I would assume ASUS. You might want to email them and ask about it.
  21. what is the difference between the 4 pin and 5 pin usb header?
  22. According to the motherboard manual, both USB connectors are 9 pin. One is labeled USB910 (for ports 9 and 10) and the other is USB1112 (for ports 11 and 12).

    From the instructions it sounds like there is a Q-cable you need to plug into the motherboard then plug the front panel usb cables into the Q-cable. The list of contents only says it comes with one Q-cable.

    It also looks like you can plug 4pin usb cables into them and the 5th pin is just not used.
  23. I have found a lot of cables like this one But is there a cables that has the internal connector instead of the external connector.
  24. I think you should wait until you do the install. I dont think you need any special splitter. USB connectors only need to be 4 pin so I think you dont have a problem.
  25. the fans i ordered have 4 pin connectors but almost all of the fan controllers I have found are 3 pin, is there an adapter I can use with these fans. (by the way) what is the difference between the 3 and 4 pin connector?
  26. You motherboard has two 4pin and two 3pin fan connectors. Many of the fans already come with a 3 to 4 pin adapter. The CPU fan always seems to be a 4pin connector.
  27. 4-pin connectors support fan speed control using Pulse-width modulation (PWM). That's why CPU fan headers are 4-pin.
  28. A lot of people who bought the same case as I did complained about the usb and audio being at the bottom and were hard to access do you know anything about or think this would be a good solution?
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