OC leading to a cooling system upgrade ?

Well so far i've got a new psu and gpu in mind to upgrade on my computer, Sapphire Vapor-X HD 5870. If I happen to OC my processor what kind of incrase in temperture should I expect. Anyone ever overclock the i7 920 2.66GHz with some noticable heat load increasement? I'll get my regular temps on a reply soon, and could someone predict what the OC would result to.

If I decide to OC how much of an FPS increase will be textbooked ?
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  1. The temperature with overclock will depend on the speed you overclock to and the voltage setting.

    I doubt you will see much increase in FPS, other than in games like GTA4, FSX and possibly Dragon Age.
  2. There will be significant improvement only in CPU bounded games like FarCry 2 and GTA IV
  3. It all depends on your CPU and your cooling system :)
    -It depends on your specific CPU, when overclocking some i7's can easily overclock while others require massive voltage injections which cause more power consumption and heat. It also depends how far you overclock it. Plus it can't be bottlenecked otherwise you won't see a difference and it will help in certain applications that benefit from it.
  4. I'm mostly into Crysis for now after I moved on from BF2.

    I've gotten the Intel i7 920 2.66 GHz. There isn't much telling me how to find out my cooling system but from HWMoniter is tells me that I got 2 Case Fans. But in my computer theres the PSU fan and GC fan itself, does the GC fan effect the temperture itself? I am getting another PSU for my rig with my new GC. So its a good thing that I upgrade my PSU since it will take more Ws & Vs right. But this is leading to more heat and less space. So if my computer did happen to have high temp. on heavy load, what could I possibly do to decrease the temperture. Increase Fan speed ? Upgrade the Size of my Case Fans.

    With my whole computer being pre-built I really don't know much about my chassis. But I could provide measurements by [L*W*H] to give me a general size of my computer. If its a full case tower or mid case. It seems to be a full tower,but I'll leave measurements just for clearification.

    I' just want to provide the recommended info so det. the verdict. I'll post another reply with the temperture's & Volts on idle and with work after get my computer back.
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