My laptop keeps loading on windows xp screen and never go on

Hi everyone, I've got a problem with my computer since I booted it up by just pressing the power button. It doesn't go into windows anymore, just stay on the loading screen for the whole night. It works with safe mode but never gets into normal mode. Is there any ways to solve the problem either than format it? Thank you.
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  1. well at this stage we dont know if you have a software or a hardware failure. if you are able to get into safe mode its more likely just a software problem. The best thing to do would be to boot off of a liveCD and backup your data to an external hard disk. Then do a factory restore or a fresh install of windows.
  2. is it possible to restore it to settings in 2days ago? that way i wont need to back up the whole drive
  3. if you created a backup 2 days ago then sure fire away!
  4. How could I check if it has a back up or not? Thanks
  5. did you physically run some backup software and make a backup 2 days ago?

    please also read
  6. nope..does that mean I need to get an external for the backup?
  7. if you want to recover any data from the hard disk before doing a factory restore or a fresh install of windows then yes, you will need an external hard disk or thumb drive large enough for your data.
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