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Ok so I am about to upgrade my computer to an i7 and I was lookin at the asus P6X58D-E mobo found HERE. I have 2 pci cards, one is an x-fi sound card and the other is a eSata expansion card for my external hard drive. My problem is if you look at the positioning on that motherboard I will only be able to use one of the PCI slots because the other will be taken up by my double slot toxic 5850 graphics card. So I am getting the antec twelve hundred case and it has an eSata port on the front of it and what I need to know is if there is a way to plug it into the motherboard so I don't need to use my extra PCI expansion card. I have looked at several threads on this topic and they all seem to be unclear, some people say one thing and others say the opposite. Thanks for the help.

EDIT: Also on the official Asus website for that board it says under the accessories section that the board has "1 x 2-port USB 2.0/ eSATA module" but I am not sure what that means really and that isn't mentioned on newegg so I am now sure if it has it.
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  1. Sure, plug the case's eSATA cable into an unused motherboard SATA port. Then use the case's eSATA port for your external HDD.
  2. As treefrog07 said, the case e-sata is plugged to a usual sata II port on the mobo..I'm 100% sure since I have the antec 902 and it's similar to the 1200..But mind you the audio from the front panel has continuous static in these cases, if you ask me, I say go for the cooler master storm sniper.
  3. I won't be using the front panel audio anyway as I have a creative x-fi that will be in the back :)
  4. About the motherboard, why did you choose The P6X58D-E?
    To be honest I have ordered the P6X58D Premium myself, cuz I'm a big fan of ASUS, but if you are not, I recommend the X58A-UD3R , it's a much better deal!
  5. O ya that was a mistake actually :P I am getting the premium :)
    I have resolved this problem however so thanks lol.
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