EVGA GeForce GTS 250 vs. EVGA GeForce 9800 GTX+

Same price which would you rather have and why?
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  1. Are they $100 or $120? At $120, buy an HD4870. At $100, buy an HD4850.

    Take the GTS250. It's a die shrink'd (smaller) 9800GTX.
  2. Yeah, GTS 250 is essentially a 9800gtx+ that uses less power/heat. As shadow said though, look out for good prices on 4870/50 cards as that is where I would think the best 'bang for yer buck' is going to be.
  3. i have used ati cards for prolly the last 5 years my last nvidia card was an old fx5200 before i got a 9600pro and 9800xt. over the past couple year though i havent been too happy with ati software and wanted to try and change things up a little right now i currently have a 4650
  4. ATI software has vastly improved; you will not be disappointed. Older cards like the 9600/9800 don't have very good drivers, and most likely never will.
  5. is the 4890 series much of an improvement over the 4870 i found an 4890 with hdmi for 165
  6. BS the 9800 doesn't have good drivers.. The 8800 and the 9800 have great drivers and work flawlessly.
  7. The HD4890 gives a 15-25% improvement over the 4870.
  8. Get a 4870 or 4850 as those cards are at the same or near the price range and perform much better.
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