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I recently noticed an issue with the memory I have installed. I'll first make note that it was an obvious improvement over what I had so it has taken me some 9 months to find this issue :( No reason to question something that appears to be doing good right?

Anyways, The ram I have installed should be Patriot Model PV7312G2000ELK however, both CPU-Z and Aida64 both state the ram is Patriot Model PSD34G13332.
Fairly large difference in model numbers here and has me concerned.

My motherboard is a Asus P6T and the CPU is the i7-920. It was on a very mild overclock (35-40% o.c.) and since it wasn't all that important for me to mess with the ram settings, I left them for the most part at auto (exception for voltage was manually put at 1.64v) .. again, no issues.. nothing to be concerned about.

So, any reason that two programs would be giving me a model number for an entirely different module?

Everything points to the ram being the cheaper stuff with $100 heat sinks on them. All the settings that show up in CPU-Z are correct if the ram was the cheaper stuff. Also, (as expected with the wrong ram being read) there is no XMP profile in my bios, so I can't even go that route to see if that will solve anything.

Additional note: Working in the bios, the very best I can get the ram speeds is a little above 1700mhz before I have issues with blue screens/mem dumps on windows load.
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  1. Does it matter, anyways I would never go above 1.5v for ram. It can damage your processor.
  2. amuffin said:
    Does it matter, anyways I would never go above 1.5v for ram. It can damage your processor.

    Did you even bother reading what the issue was?

    Yes it matters. I purchased Model PV7312G2000ELK but i'm getting a readout of Model PSD34G13332.

    I only posted the settings in maybe seeing if that was the cause of the wrong model number read out. I don't care about the settings myself.. Am I happy with the settings themselves? Heck no! really pissed off at this.. do I care at this moment? no, I just want a valid reason that the memory is being listed as cheap $25 modules instead of the product I purchased.

    As for the mhz that I was getting before.. that is not even close to the case. What I was using to stress test did not reflect crap for optimized games that I play. It turns out a max of around 1440mhz is the best I am getting with games like Star Wars running.

    As for the 1.5v thing.. I don't have a Sandy Bridge processor. Bloomfield goes up to 1.65 before I get the warning.
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