Raid Array offline after installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology

I just built a new PC consisting of 1 New SSD, 2 New 1TB Caviar Blacks and 1 old Caviar Green.

After installing my new PC, all I did was install my ethernet driver for my new MOBO(MSI P67A-GD65), set my 2 new caviar blacks in raid 0 and continued with my daily activities, gaming, watching movies etc. After a week I decided to install all my other drivers and utilities even though I haven't encountered any problems I just thought it'd be a good idea to give it a wholesome install. After installing Intel Rapid Storage Technology I could see my 2 caviar blacks in raid 0 working just fine under Intel Rapid Storage Technology's Manage screen.

Then I decided to rename my raid drive from Volume0 to My Caviar Blacks. They were still working fine. After I restarted, to my extreme horror, during boot-up I saw the raid members were offline, both of my caviar blacks but caviar green was still running perfectly. I poked around my bios settings even did a system restore, my blacks are still offline.

What happened? Was it the name change? Was it the new drivers? What should I do? :(
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    The renaming probably did it. Do you see the new volume name in the BIOS? Can't you rename it back to Volume0? Have you tried to set the drives online (you probably risk losing all data)?
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  3. Which solution did you use?
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