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Ok, I have expanded my budget a bit, and I was looking at a 5770 on Newegg, and I like the price, at only $165, this thing beats the 4870 I was looking at before, since it has DX11, and that in itself is a great reason why this is better than the other one i was looking at. I am talking about the Gateway in the specs, and I was wondering, is it worth buying the GPU and then seeing if i need to upgrade my 300Wpsu? it has one 6-pin built in. is there another card i should go with that is at the same price point? I am willing to spend around $60-80 on a new PSU if necessary. Is there likely to be a good sale on Newegg for black friday that will include a similar GPU and/or PSU? This GPU should handle pretty much any game out there with my rig at 1280x1024 at least on medium settings, right?
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  1. That HD5770 is more than enough for that resolution. Prepare for high settings, my friend.

    And you will need a PSU. This one provided in the link below will be sufficient.
  2. Ok, and am i better off waiting till this friday to buy? I have seen the videos on youtube and there are some low FPS on the games like GTA and other games like that, is that because of the driver? it seems like the 48xx cards have better performance
  3. the HD4890 has better performance, but the drivers for the 5770 are immature, and may improve.

    Also, the FPS issues you see on GTA4 are most likely related to CPU inferiority.
  4. so should i wait till they have 5850s, get the 5770, or get the 4890?
  5. I'd recommend (if you have money and patience) the HD5850.
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