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Apivia warlock and gtx 260 sli core 216

can my apevia warlock handle gtx 260 core 216 in sli here is the link for reference
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  1. Welcome to the forums,

    Probably can, as long as you don't have a ton of drives and high OC voltage. But is it a good idea? No. Not a fan of anyone that goes rating a PSU at 750w but only provides 48a available combined on the 12v rail is being a little deceptive.

    A pair of 260s burn up 22.5a:

    A pair of opticals and HDDs eat up 6a and the CPU depends on what you have. Could be 8a-15a depending on if you OC. Probably won't bust past the 48a, but come close. Running full load will wear on a units life if its not well built. And I know its not well built because that little red voltage selection switch means corners were cut because its cheaper and as a result, the power it produces is generally not as stable as a unit that adjust to input voltage on its own. Europe has banned PSUs that have that manual switch because it eats up too much power from the wall to get the same amount to the parts. For the sake of not blowing up your $350 worth of GPUs, I'd get something reliable with top notch reviews. You can use the PSU link in my sig to see a list of reviews. Anything in the 55a+ should work for you.
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    skora - Are you looking at the right model? According to the data label on the Apevia Warlock 750 watt power supply the combined total current for the +12 volt rails is listed as 54 amps. The maximum wattage on the +12 volt rails is listed as 648 watts.

    648 watts divided by 12 volts equals 54 amps. The data label is right on the money.

    It's still a little low. I would expect somewhere around 60 amps in a high quality power supply. Three technical reviews were favorable.

    The 22 amps is about right for the the two GTX 260's so the power supply should be okay.
  3. I went straight to Apivia's site and thats what they have listed for that model (linked above.) Looking further into the TD photos, yeah, I see it has 54a. Further reason I can't trust Apivia if they can't even keep their product site page up to date.
  4. SHEESH! Usually it's the vendors that get things mixed up. I went by the three technical reviews.
  5. just wanted to say thanks for all the help guys. This forum is great.
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