Nvidia 9400gt pentium d problems

Hey Guys i have a Pentium d 3 ghz cpu and a 9400gt 1 gb graphics card and for some reason everytime i play a game it has a tendencie to reboot the computer but when i set the affinity of the processer to use just the 1 it runs but can make the game really bad any suggestions? it would be appreciated. Dan
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  1. oh and also it only seem to be recently happening after i whacked in the d blue screens and restarts
  2. Phoenix089 said:
    oh and also it only seem to be recently happening after i whacked in the d blue screens and restarts

    What the hell does that mean?

    What is the rest of your system specs, specifically the make and model of the power supply?
  3. the psu is (A power 650 p4-c650) mother board is a intel d955xbk i had a pentium d 3ghz cpu in it and for a while there it was restarting and overheating when doing simple tasks like backing up DVDs and winraring files
  4. Did you do any overclocking with it?

    I know that the Pentium D's ran ridiculously hot and would fail if they didn't have an active cooler on them that was pretty much free of dust. Are any intake/exhaust fans dirty? Take of the side panel of the computer and do these tasks again and see if it still crashes.
  5. yeah that would it explain it i was overviewing the moniter system it was up to 80-90 degrees before shutting down i got offered thermaltake cooling pipes but i've just decided to go back to a p4 3ghz its only a single core but it runs all my games so far -silent hill5- DDO- etc so its all good thanks for the answer though mate i knew it had something to do with it but i preferred a 2nd oppinion from guys who know about computers more then me thanks again fella :)
  6. ok i know the problem

    see in the bios check wheter the cache memory is whether 1mb or 2mb or more as written on the processor box if it is less then the computer must be utilizing only one core in this case u have to do is just go to bios reset to factory settings

    and i think u have opened the computer heat sink

    because of this the tim must be dried and
  7. agree with jedimasterben, open your case and get it clean as possible as u can, make it free from dust and re-apply the thermal paste for your CPU and GPU... :)
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