What temp should a gtx 260 be at?

Hello, I have a gtx 260 with stock cooler I wanted to over clock it I was wondering what the temp of the graphics card should be before I should be worried about the card getting too hot?
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  1. if your target temperature max fulload below 72C when play game / benchmark ( + raise fan 30%) , it will very very safe and cool ,
    and According to NVIDIA the cards are safe up to 105C :D (very hot) but depend on brand your card ...
  2. agreed with henydiah, you should keep it below 72C at fullload, yes it depend's on the brand of your card, but for me, going to 105C as nvidia stated, that's scary ...
    it might end up your computer being a toaster :lol: but for sure it won't reach at that point,
    That is if your at default clock speeds or uh... have stable overclock setting's :love:
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