Motherboard for I7-930

I have come into some gift vouchers for Amazon and now considering a I7-930 with the Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R board for a fast powerful pc, with 6Gb of ddr 3 ram.

1. What would be an economical but good graphic card to fit this? I am not gaming just want processing power to handle accounts packages & database programs. But do want two screens running. Some down loaded tv.

2. Would I see any difference with Two channels of memory against 3 channels of memory?

3. Would the I7-920 be a better option, Hardly any difference in price?

4. any other solution would be helpful in decision making at this moment. Would the Intel board be better?

5. Is it a good build combination?
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  1. You'll not really notice any difference with 3 channels.

    The i7-920 is being replaced by the 930, only real difference is the clock speed, stick with the 930.

    Intel boards are a bit 'meh', I'd keep with Gigabyte/ASUS.
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