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Whats the best HDD i cant get for under $100

pretty much summed up by title. i dont want more space i want better performance.
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    Best drive? I don't know. But this is a great drive:
  2. as far as best read/write speeds and whatnot. should i get a 1tb cause of the multi platers. i just am a little behind on hdds
  3. What Ubrales said is true, it's an amazing drive. WD Black or Samsung F3 [...] ag4c9beq5w Will be the best bet for you right now. Or [...] 6822136742 if you do not mind the Recertified. The only thing better, minus a bigger one is SSD. Which considering you budget is not feasible. Unless you only need 60GB [...] 6820227728

    I personally would wait for the prices to drop because there are much higher then normal.
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  5. Thank you!
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