New GTX 260 216 lower fps

I recently installed a GTX 260 core216 896mb and have the same or even lower fps in some games than I had with my 8600GTS 256mb.

Is it possible I have a huge bottleneck now? Shouldnt I atleast get the same or a little more performance than my 8600?

E6420 @ 2.13
4GB Ram
1TB WD Green
Corsair 750W PSU
Gigabyte 965P-DS3 F14 Bios
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  1. You should see a HUGE difference. What games are you having trouble with?
  2. You get right drivers and everything installed?
  3. I installed the ones off the disk and the newest ones released on the 18th. 195 I believe.

    HL2 Games so far. I play MW2 also but I didnt play it on my old card so I cant compare
  4. I am running windows 7
  5. I'd Say overclock your CPU slightly.. 2.13 eh..
  6. I have overclocked several times. Ever since I changed my patriot to Kingston I can get a stable boot but Modern Warfare 2 goes nuts and is jittery with very low fps.

    I have ran 3.2ghz with 400FSB on stock volts down to 2.66 with 333FSB and 1.4vcore to no avail.
  7. Somethings amiss than
    My sli GTX 260s can practically max all the titles out (some with less AA/AF)
    and when i used a single gtx 260, i can max CoD 4 out at 100-140fps (Modern warfail 2 shouldnt be that resource stringent considering its an xbox port)

    If anything else doesnt work, i'd say RMA it and see if another GTX 260 fixes it as I've known alot of GT200 cards to have memory problems causing it to crash and do other wierd stuff. (I've personally RMA'd 1 evga/1 asus/1 bfg 260)
  8. Oh WOW! Whats your CPU? I think mine may just be a bottleneck. Plus my mobo is not PCI-E 2.0

    It runs games fine until I decide to over clock.

    I will check into RMA though. I have been lucky and never had to RMA anything.
  9. Your CPU isn't the answer. The Pci-E 2.0vs1.0 will not affect the GTX260.

    Could you try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling?
  10. Ok. I did that and now getting abour 15fps more in Source engine games than I was before. Still not the improvement I expected.
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