I'm guessing tht my 9800GT is gonaa die on my!

I have noticed some issues that started when I bought Grand Theft Auto IV for PC now the issues are affecting all my games. I'm getting BSOD's alot from GTA IV along with me being booted out of the game. Also if it BSOD's when it restarts the graphics look funny. I have tested my Memory, Harddrive and tried another PSU I had laying around. That PSU was a RaidMax 730Watt. Also the card is made by XFX. I bought the card from The video card was a recertifed item. So can someone help me with this issue. Please and thank you.
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    Does it only crash when in 3D mode during gaming?

    Download a program called FurMark and run it and see if it crashes. If so, then my guess would be a bad card.

    I'd try and RMA the card if so.
  2. Yes from time to time it does but the crashes are random. One week it will crash a few times and the next week it won't.
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