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Hey everyone,

I just installed a NVIDA GTS250 and a corsair 750W PSU into my pc..I have a C2Q Q8300 and before the installation my CPU temp's were in the mid to upper 40's and now they are in the low 50's..Is this normal after upgrading? As a side note, I have two 120mm case fans being delivered soon so those will help lower the temp also. Thanks for any feedback..
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  1. What GPU did you have before? A GPU can add a lot of heat and if there wasn't any GPU in there before, it becomes a large obstacle for airflow. And if it exhaust out the back of the case itself, its pulling air out and you might not have enough coming in. Your temps aren't dangerous or even close to it, but the case fans should help.
  2. also, the fan in that newer PSU is temperature regulated, so it probably flows less air than your last psu, up until a certain point. and im sure if that gts250 is an upgrade ,that its also adding more heat to the case than your previous card.
  3. Geez a corsair 750 for a GTS 250 & Q8300?

    Hopefully you plan on upgrading in the future hehe. A 400w corsair would power that system with a little room to spare for aging.

    Anyways, is this temp when under load or when idle?

    Like they said a graphics card does add a good amount of heat to a case.

    If these are load temps I wouldn't worry, if they are idle temps I would try re-seating your CPU.
  4. Well these are idle temps. I was playing NFS Undercover earlier today for about 20 minutes and I checked to temp as soon as I was finished and I got a reading of 60. I was told that the C2Q Q8300 normally run at higher temps than some other processors. I was using the onboard GPU prior to installing the GTS250. So, I am assuming the rise in temperature is due to that. As I said, I currently don't have any case fans installed and I have two on the way that I will be installing asap and hopefully bring down the temperature.
  5. I'd download and install realtemp http://www.techpowerup.com/downloads/1691/Real_Temp_3.40.html

    That will let you see the maximum temp while playing games or if you really want to stress the CPU and see how hot it will get in a worst case senario, run Prime95 while you have realtemp running.

    I'd probably get the new fans in before that though, you're not unsave and the rise in temps will be from the GPU airflow/heat generation. If it continues to bug you, you're probably using the retail HSF and we can show you a few for under $30 that will drop the temps down some more.
  6. It is quite normal for temperatures to change all the time. You have to factor your environmental temperature first. Then any difference in the box will create changes due to new heat sources and differences in the airflow. So don't worry about it.
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