I need a AGP Video card

I need to upgrade my video card since upgrading my mother board is too much work.
So i found two cards:

1. Cheaper and of a newer series. XFX Radeon HD 4650 Video Card

2. More expensive, older series. Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 Video Card

Which one should I get for gaming? I checked various places and a review on this site that said the Sapphire Radeon HD 3850 is the best AGP card. Is there a significant difference between them? My mind keeps telling me that the newer series is always better, so i just need to know :??:
Money isn't a problem but if there isn't much of a difference i would like to buy the cheapest of course.

Thanks everyone :D
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  1. The 3850 is more powerful, however the 4650 uses significantly less power and most systems with an AGP slot have a CPU that is too weak to unlock the full potential of the 3850.
  2. Why is upgrading your motherboard too much "work"?
  3. To the average PC owner, replacing a motherboard would be a daunting task fraught with many fears of terminal accidents. Plus you would probably need to reinstall OS with a new Mobo, a serious pain in the ass for the average PC user.
  4. Just get the cheaper card, it uses less power and you will likely have less problems with it. I take it you are not a gamer, so you don't need the more powerful card. And, like mentioned, on your platform the more powerful card isn't going to do you much good anyway.
  5. Quote:
    The 3850 is more powerful, however the 4650 uses significantly less power and most systems with an AGP slot have a CPU that is too weak to unlock the full potential of the 3850

    My CPU is an Intel Celeron 3.06GHz. I can upgrade it to a dual core i found. Would i be able to "unlock the full potential of the 3850" then?
  6. ^^^

    I suppose, but much $$$ is it?
  7. Okay, sooo... in general, which one is the better gaming card?

  8. monkeyrench said:

    Cheap and pretty good, but I'd be pretty surprised if it fit. Are you sure that you have a motherboard supporting LGA775?
  9. I do have a LGA775 socket. Just checked on CPU-Z after you asked!

    So, instead of making a new topic... would my computer be somewhat a top quality (or above average) gaming computer with:

    This processor:

    1GB of ram (though i can upgrade)

    and a Radeon HD 4670 or 3850

    Anything else to consider?
    Would i be able to play L4D on high settings?
  10. ooh that's good to know but agp :(. 4670 should be enough to play L4D
  11. You need more than a LGA775 socket as a lot of the older 775 motherboards cannot use core2duos and an AGP board is likely to be one of them.
    Also you should be looking at an e5200 or e5300 instead of that processor. It's better and the cost difference should be minimal but tell us what motherboard you actually have because there's a very good chance it doesn't matter anyway.
  12. Yeah, it's not looking good;

    It can't even use a Pentium D much less a core2duo. If you are going to upgrade that thing just get an HD4650 as the processor won't be able to keep up with that card as it is. Honestly you should just be building a new computer. Building an acceptable gaming computer for lower resolutions can be done fairly cheaply if you want to however.
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