Overclocking A4 APUs

Hey guys, how much can we overclock the A4 APUs (2.5ghz and 2.7ghz). I'm trying to decide on which to buy since it comes with a nice mobo I want to buy (combo deal). I want to be able to overclock it to at least 3.0 Ghz. Can the the A4-3300 reach 3ghz and can he A4- 3400 reach 3ghz?
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    Any combo deal that comes with predetermained parts to save you money will not be good to OC
    at most, get a barebones of the cpu and mobo you want. then buy Corsair ram, a good cooler, a Corsair PSU and a good GPU
    and your set
    as for Overclockability MSI has a nice feature in their Bios that helps you get started with overclocking so i would recomend MSI as a starterboard. then Buy a Asus when your ready for an upgrade.
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